Rent a Bike


Since the spring of 2016, the bikes for rent in Szimpla are in the bike shop RideKálmán in the cellar. Besides renting bikes, you can also buy bicycles, parts or accessories.

We focus on urban cycling, so we build single speed bikes. As we prefer bikes which last, we use reliable, first class parts and accessories only. 
if you want to rent a real massive, yet lightweight bicycle, which is suitable for longer tours (including cycling around Lake Balaton),  Szimpla Whiplash is your choice. 


Szimpla Whiplash (Touring, premium RK Bike):

Today’s bring back: 2700 HUF (or 10€ )

Tomorrow’s bring back: 3700 HUF (or 14€ )

Extra days: 2500 HUF (or 9€ ) for every new day started                                



Today’s bring back: 4000 HUF (or 15€ )

Tomorrow’s bring back: 5000 HUF (or 19€ )

Two day’s renting: 7000 HUF / (or 26€ )two days, 3500 HUF (or 13€ ) for every new day started

Pick up the bikes at the sellar next to us at RideKálmán

New bikes on the block!

Our new bike is the Szimpla Whiplash. This is a premium category, custom-made RK Bike. They are also special, because you can pretend to be a protagonist of a story while cycling, as the names and design of the first edition, Oz, were inspired by the figures of the famous musical, the Wizard of Oz. Tap your heels together and rent a bike from this special edition!

More on RK Bikes here: RideKálmán


Rent a cargobike!
Cargonomia believes a couple of cargobikes to rent is good for the city, and they are right! If you want to buy a couple of things in IKEA which are not suitable to carry by public transport, or you have only a couple of things to transport and you don't want to rent a lorry, or you want to take your children to school or the kindergarten in an eco-friendly way, the cargobike is your option!

More info: