The aim of RideKálmán, besides building reliable, first class custom bikes is to show the importance of Corporate Social Responsiblity. For this purpose, we offer 10 thousand HUF (35 EUR) of the price of each bike sold for charity! 

There are four types of RK bikes:

RK | Charity Edition "Donation from donation!” Besides custom-made bikes, we also build and renew used bikes for people in need, and give them away. It is also up to you how many we can build in a month. When you bring in your used, but still working parts or bikes, we transform them into "charity RK bikes", which can help those who cannot afford a bike in their everyday lives.










RK | Church, ­ Pub, ­ Kid Edition For RK Pub and Church bikes there is no compromise in quality. We decided to build two urban bikes resisting daily challenges, are comfortable, quick and easy to maintain. Kid is our strong and safe bike for children, built on a BMX frame, your child will love it! When you buy a RK Bike, you do not only buy an excellent vehicle, but you also help those in need, as from the price of assembling, which is 10 thousand HUF (35 EUR) we sponsor the parts we build in in our donation bikes .








 Attention! The RK Bike Charity edition is not for sale. All the bikes which are renewed from donation are given away. As the custom made RK Bikes are assembled in our shop, you have to preorder it.


yes, we repair!


Repair prices: