These pictures are real road reports.

These picture reports about the world surrounding us, which is absurd in almost every detail become paintings, in which both elements of a work of art, content (which are the events of the underworld here) and form (represented by comix) can easily be identified. An absurd world requires tools and methods of expression, thus I chose my method of study the so-called "travel in place with the telly", and I express pictures of the era with this method. In the Divine Comedy, the vast parabole of its age Dante was led first by Vergilius, then by Beatrice. In my parabole (and why shouldn't I make this summary) I am being led by the US media star Laurie Anderson, who sings in Strange Angels "They say that heaven is like TV ”. This idea might be true, however probably there is no difference, and Hell is similar. When we travel with our television with care, we can experience a whole lot of shocking events. The environment we can perceive directly with our eyes and the similarity with the remote world, which can be perceived with artificial means, indirectly, is misleading. It deceives us with its apparent similarity, however, this indirect world can be rearranged by elements, manipulated deliberately, and be watched, as a film.

Opening: June 7th, 6 PM

At the opening ceremony, a Samuel Beckett fragment adaptation will be performed by the OPÁL Theatre, led by Triceps (László Lantos).