1. Szimpla Music


Music is eternal, music is universal. Music is everywhere in Szimpla Kert. Join us online for all our music programs!

Free concerts every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Szimpla Open Stage every Friday

Rock out on Szimpla Rocks every second Saturday night

Szimpla Jam every Sunday

Self-awareness Diszkos every second tuesday, Dance DJs every Thu, Fri

Hungarian traditional folk dance club in the concert hall every Monday

– Record your music at Szimpla Recordings’ Studio

You can find us online under Szimpla Music at Facebook (Live)

Look for our annual music selection at the Shisha bar in Szimpla Kert!

2. Szimpla Kitchen


In Szimpla Kert we believe in farm-to-table. This is why we’re

– running Szimpla Farmers’ Market every Sunday

– putting food and drinks from first producers on your table in Szimpla Kitchen every day

– pouring you craft wine in our Wine Bar and tapping you craft Beers at our craft Beer bars in Budapest and Berlin

Try our breakfast upstairs, every day from 2020

3. Szimpla Cultural Centre


We’re in huge favor of arts and culture. You can:

– constantly see contemporary exhibitions and permanent pieces of arts on our walls and in our rooms

– watch mapped animations, 8mm and 35mm projections on our dedicated screens and walls

– experience musical talent programs every spring

4. Szimpla Social, Urban and Environmental responsibility


We in Szimpla are committed to local communities, liveable cities and the protection of the environment. That is why

– we organize a Common Cauldron every Sunday for the benefit of NGOs

we participate in the European Volunteer Service Programme

– we started Kazinczy Living Library and the Kazinczy Social Hub project

– we keep a photo library at Budapest Katalógus where you can encounter city-dwellers

– We're all about a green and sustainable Budapest! Help us by signing our petitions, riding Ride Kálmán bikes rented from our Bike Cellar or getting by walking to our Cycling Circus or SzimPLANT city jungle events every month!

– Also, NO STRAW. (You can still take a PLA straw if you want.)


5. Szimpla Design


Szimpla loves design! Therefore we

– have a Szimpla Design Shop with a selection of antiques, Hungarian designer items and upcycled products redesigned by Szimpla.

– also offer our products through the Szimpla Design webshop (coming soon)

– Find us on Facebook!

6. Get Szimply Amused!


You get 10% extra credit and a chance to skip the night lines with Szimpla Cards. Ask at the bar or at szimpla@szimpla.hu

+1 Share your ideas with us!


If you have any ideas to realize, any art to show, feel free to contact us! Szimpla Showroom is open for your ideas, tell them to Anna at szimpla@szimpla.hu. Media, markets, guided tours and group reservations: Marina – groups@szimpla.hu, Musical programs: Balázs – ballator@szimpla.hu Group reservations: Mariana – szalon@szimpla.hu, Lost&Found: lostandfound@szimpla.hu

Budapest Music Scenes


Check our recommendations for Budapest music scenes:

Hungarian Music Academy, Wave record shop, our own Szimpla Record fair every month, A38, Dürer Kert, Akvárium, Lámpás, Yellow Zebra Bar, or Tajti, the biggest music store in Budapest.

Eats & Drinks


Have a lunch in Kőleves, it’s not just a friendly recommendation. For breakfast other than ours, try Aran Bakery, Coffee Society, for a family friendly environment: Hellóanyu!, a literature hub: Magvető Café, Beer and Burgers in Kandalló, and for an outstandingly high quality cultural experience, the programs of Brody Studios.



If you want to go beyond the tourist trash, visit Printa, Csendes Concept, Wave record shop, or Pauza.

Civil communities


Kazinczy street’s own community center is right next to Szimpla Kert. Szimpla Terem offers community programs for everyone.

Don’t miss Telep, the independent complex cultural space in the heart of the city!

Try out Hungarian specialities in Szatyorbolt, an NGO selling farmers’ goods

A Grund

Cultural heritage


Avoid the popular spas, try the hidden gem, Veli Bej!

Take a walk around the freshly built MOME Modern Art University campus, visit Városliget until you can… In winter, the graveyard on Fiumei út is especially romantic, just as much as Kiscelli museum. Don’t hesitate to skate at Városligeti Műjégpálya!

Explore the most beautiful excursion spots of the Buda Hills by the Children’s Railway, run by children