Exhibition of Bálint Szombathy

We can get an insight into a unique picture collection, which was created in the 80s, at the exstatic times hallmarked by punk and new wave, by a medium called picture telegraph, which does not exist anymore. The pictures truly represent the atmosphere of the age.

"At first sight it is not apparent how they were created, what these photographs depict. Some of them are like collages made of newspaper photos cut to stripes. Other photos are totally scattered, their elements are fragments only, and their effects are geometric-ornamentic. It seems as if the artist, Bálint Szombathy was fascinated by the resolution and deconstruction of the content captured: the pathway from the depiction to the picturesque poetry.
However, the works are individual objet trouvés, results of techniqual malfunctions. Szombathy worked as a picture editor at a paper in the eighties. The picture telegraph they used sometimes transformed the photos arriving from the press agencies into these objects. Szombathy did not throw them out, but collected these rejects, these incidental works of art created by technical malfunctions."

András Bán

Opening: March 7th 7 PM, by: Whandal Syporca

The exhibition is open from March 7 - April 2, 2019