Let's play with the thought there are parallel universes: anything is possible.

Let's imagine the Parliament building is an intra-dimensional port for Zeppelin aircrafts, the sky above us is an infinite starry space, the inner courtyards are covered with flowers, and Bela Lugosi, the Dracula's lustful gaze accompanies his leaving lover...

What is your life in the parallel universe like?
In the many vertical and parallel tissues of good and bad imagined events only we know that joy, sorrow, success and failure all have an exact space... we know where the points are where they merge, become permeable, interfere, collapse, or create new realities like and explosion.

Come with us to a lose trip, set your imagination free and recognize familiar Budapest locations through the collages of Benedek Kópis.

The exhibition is open from May 5th until the end of the month in Szimpla Háztáji.
(The collages can be purchased in A3, A4 sizes in Szimpla Design Shop )