Pilsner Urquell Tankovna

Czech beer speciality in Szimpla

We decided to bring Czechia closer to Budapest, or at least the beer experience for which many of us are willing to travel hundreds of kilometers - now the difference between drinking beer, or, to be more precise, Pilsner Urquell in Plzeň, Czechia or in Szimpla Budapest is not so great anymore. The only difference is that fresh beer travels from Czechia to Budapest a few hours more than to nearby bars and pubs in the town of Plzeň.
The point is freshness - tank beer is not given heat treatment, there is no pasteurizing or bottling, but beer is sent to the bar directly in huge copper tanks. This is important because fresh beer expires quite soon, in three weeks, and there is a warning on each tank (you can see the number of days since opening on the tank). Another benefit of this beer is that no carbon-dioxide tank is attached to the tank, therefore the beer first encounters gas only when it is tapped.
If you try tank beer, there are three types of tapping:
- SNYT: here the aim is that the beer keeps its gas content for a long time, and the bitter taste dominates
-MLIKO: this a mug of moist froth. Czechs mostly drink it at festivities or at the end of the day. Here the sweetness of the beer dominates.
- HLADINKA: here the froth is tapped first in the mug, then the beer underneath. This is the middle course between sweet and bitter.