Sit next to me!


We are many, and we are diverse... This can be often frightening or strange.

This is why our program Sit next to me! was started, which aims to provide an opportunity for sincere discussions between colleagues at a workplace, where attention and understanding towards each other is the leading principle. The colleagues can talk to people who often face prejudice and discrimination because of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, health condition or social situation.

Try to rub off the label and see that a person is not only one concept!

During the program intimate discussions can be pursued with each other and the affected people. A facilitator helps to consider and recognize one's experiences, to understand the process so that this unique and individual experience can turn into a team undertaking. 

Topics to choose from:
- Homelessness and habitation poverty: Where can I go home? What is the meaning of home?

- Women in society: having children, career, equal rights, sexism - real issues behind the overused concepts

- Living in a wheelchair: independence, employment, family, dreams, and how one can conquer themselves day by day

- LMBTQ stories: I am different, but not less! Why does it affect our everyday life nevertheless who I feel myself and who I love?

- Miscellaneous topics: dependence, poverty, being different, different abilities.


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