I would like to perform

First you need to decide how you would like to get on stage – perform in the concert hall, play in the garden or perform as a DJ. The first question is whether you are with a band, solo, or perform unplugged, you are considered an amateur or a pro, because the following options are available:

- you apply for our annual Lemming program (talent search)
- you register for our open stage on Friday (registration: budapestopenmic@gmail.com)
- you send an introduction through this link
- you come to our Szimpla Jam on Sunday
- you would enhance the mood on Sunday morning at the farmers’ market (szimplapiac@szimpla.hu)

Before you decide, it is important for you to know that we primarily support musicians playing their own music, therefore if you only play cover, you might not be able to perform.

Why is it worth to perform in Szimpla?
We stream our concerts through the Facebook page of Szimpla, record certain songs and spread them through the internet. You can see what our cultural mission is about if you check out our YouTube channel here.