Szimpla Konczert no 7

The best concerts of 2018

Did you know that the number 7 is twice as special for us?

First of all, we are organizing the seventh Lemming Program, where the most creative artists can show how unique they are. Secondly, we have issued Szimpla Konczert no. 7, a selection of the best live music played in Szimpla.

This selection is a concert film of more than 60 minutes, helping us to revive the best moments of last year, wondering the colourful range of performers appearing on stage.

In February several bands on the selection return to Szimpla to play and demonstrate why they had been selected by us.

You can follow the streams of the concerts on the Facebook pages of Szimpla Kert and Szimpla Music.

The event of the first concert is here:



You can watch the film here:


And you can listen to the music here: